Words of Wisdom

Vice Chancellor Message

Education of the modern times hinges around innovation, creativity and skill-development. Degrees should be supplemented with the value addition of cutting-edge approach, prolific mindset and applied expertise. This purpose can be achieved when a university applies unorthodox pitch and students accept it with passion. It works both ways. Teachers need to think out of the nutshell of syllabi and students should maneuver to go beyond grades. I am focused to initiate and flourish this culture at University of Okara in a bid to make it a center of excellence in teaching, research, and its service to local, national and international communities. My challenge is to help generate ideas that will benefit society and educate and train students to work in fields where they will be valued both for their specialized knowledge, and for their ability to research, communicate and solve problems. To meet this challenge, we will be building alliances and collaborative partnerships with businesses, government, and other research institutions. This will help us to ensure the ongoing relevance of our academic programmers and the continued excellence of our teaching. We at OU are dedicated to the responsibility of creating a global knowledge disseminating hub transgressing national and International borders and territories thereby transforming every student into a responsible human by igniting innovation in their minds, finally altering them into excellent professionals.