Dr. Muhammad Zaid Lakhvi

Assistant Professor

Ph.D. Islamic Studies (University Of The Punjab), M.A. Arabic (University Of The Punjab) M.A. Islamic Studies(University Of The Punjab),

Muhammad Zaid Lakhvi son of Molana Mohy ud Din Lakhvi. Born in village Qila Tara Singh, Tehsil Depalpur, District Okara on 17th of March, 1972(according to the academic record). Completed primary education from a primary school of the same village in 1982 and secondary education from Govt. High School, Depalpur in 1987. After the completion of intermediate in 1989 and graduation in 1991 privately, got admission in Arabic Department of Oriental College, University of the Punjab for master degree. After its completion did M.A. Islamic Studies privately from the same university in 1999. Then joined DPS & College Okara as a teacher in May, 1999 and worked there up til 10th of February,2016 as Assistant Professor Islamic Studies and H.O.D. of Islamic Studies Department. In the meanwhile applied for private PhD in 2005 that case was approved in 2010. So research work was completed in 2015 and notification was issued in September 2017 by the controller, University of the Punjab. At last got PhD degree in 126th convocation of the University of the Punjab through the hands of Governor Punjab Ch. Muhammad Sarwar on 20th November,2018. After leaving DPS & College Okara, joined Allied School Depalpur Campus as Principal on 11th of February,2016. It continued till joining University of Okara as Lecturer Islamic Studies on 23rd of September,2019.





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