Junaid Anwer


M.Phil. Chemistry

Mr. Junaid Anwer has completed his M.Phil. in Chemistry from COMSATS University Islamabad, Abbottabad Campus in 2015. Earlier he completed his BS (Hons) in Chemistry with Specialization in Organic Chemistry from University of Education Lahore, Okara Campus in 2012. He is serving as Lecturer in Chemistry at Department of Chemistry, University of Okara since 2015. He taught various subjects on organic, analytical, inorganic, physical, environmental, organic spectroscopy, and mathematics for chemist at bachelor and master level. His major research interest includes: 1. Asymmetric Synthesis of Biologically Active Molecules; 2. Small Molecule Approach for Medicinal Applications; 3. Metal Complexation of Biologically Active Ligands; 4. Phytoextraction or Insects Extraction for Oils/ Proteins to Discover Their Bioactive Abilities; 5. Drug Loading/Encapsulation Efficiency and Its Delivery/Interaction with Nanomaterials and Surfactants.

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