MS/MPhil Molecular Biology

Program Structure

M.Phil. Molecular Biology is Intensive, four semester program that combines state of the art training in molecular biology along with core and optional courses that provide the theoretical background for the field. The structure of program is designed to meet the needs of scholars of Molecular Biology in this scientific era. Department of molecular Biology provide extensive research facilities to help students in pursuing their research work and aims to develop researchers that will to serve in universities, Institutes, Public and Private Sectors, Forensic Sciences, Genetic Engineering and Molecular Medicines etc.


2 years

Eligibility Criteria

The minimum requirements for admission in MPhil Molecular Biology: 1. A candidate how has completed 16 years of education in Molecular Biology and related discipline with at CGPA of 2.50 out of s 4.00 or 2nd division in the annual system in MSc/BS/Equivalent degree and awarded with degree/Transcript. 2. The applicant must have passed the University of Okara Entry Test (General) with a minimum score of 60% OR GAT (General) as per HEC criteria Analytical Reasoning 30 % Quantitative Reasoning (Math) 35% Verbal Reasoning (English) 35% and GAT General and Subject based test with 60% score. 3. University of Okara, Rules & Regulations Regarding Admission, Registration and Examination of MS/MPhil Programs, 2016 shall be followed. 4. At least 2nd division in BSc of reverent degree in annual system.

Scheme of Studies

Course Code Category Course Title Cr.Hrs. Prerequisites
mphil-MB-1 Core Course Recent trends in Molecular Biology 2-1
MPHIL-MB-2 Core Course Research Planning and Scientific writing 3-0
MPHIL-MB-3 Elective ELECTIVE-1 2-1
Course Code Category Course Title Cr.Hrs. Prerequisites
MPHIL-MB-5 Statistics Biologics 3-0
MPHIL-MB-6 Core Course Professionalism in Molecular Biology 2-1
Course Code Category Course Title Cr.Hrs. Prerequisites
MPHIL-MB-9 Compulsory Thesis 3-0
Course Code Category Course Title Cr.Hrs. Prerequisites
MPHIL-MB-9 Compulsory Thesis 3-0

Degree Completion Requirements

To award degree in M.Phil. Molecular Biology degree a student must satisfy the following requirements: 1. Must have studied and passed Course Work of 24 credit hours and 06 Credit Hours Thesis 2. Must have qualified Comprehensive Exam. 3. Must have earned CGPA of at least 2.50 out of scale 4.00.