MA Islamic Studies

Program Structure

The curriculum of MA Islamic Studies has been developed keeping in view market needs. A handsome theoretical and practical knowledge is imparted to enrich the students for a professional career in the field of Islamic Studies. The graduates are quite eligible to work in Islamic Banks as Sharia advisors and Sharia Implementation facilitators. They can also opt a professional career in Takaful companies on good emoluments. Even the graduates are hired by the conventional banks as Sharia advisors to launch Riba free products and to hunt the religious segment of investors. The Mudarba companies are also engaging Islamic scholars for the smooth functioning of their Sharia-based systems. The private and Pubic sector universities are initiating new disciplines of Islamic Economics and Islamic Banking & Finance and the need for faculty are always there for learned persons.



Eligibility Criteria

The candidates who have the degree in BA / Shahadatul Alia or equivalent fields in 1st Division / CGPA 2.5 from an HEC recognized University.

Scheme of Studies

Course Code Category Course Title Cr.Hrs. Prerequisites
ISL 007 Foundation Study of Seerah of Holy Prophet 3-0
ISL 007+1 Foundation History of Tafseer 3-0
ISL 008 Major Textual Study of Al Quran-I 3-0
ISL 009 Major Textual Study of Al Hadith-I 3-0
ISL 010 Foundation Study of Islamic Fiqh I 3-0
ISL 002 Foundation Arabic language-I 3-0
Course Code Category Course Title Cr.Hrs. Prerequisites
ISL 012 Major Uloom-al-Hadith 3-0
ISL 004 Foundation History and Compilation of Hadith 3-0
ISL 011 Major Textual Study of al-Qur'an- II 3-0
ISL 014 Major The Ethics of Disagreement in Islam 3-0
ISL 016 Major Textual Study of al Fiqh al Akbar 3-0
ISL 005 Foundation Arabic Language-II 3-0
Course Code Category Course Title Cr.Hrs. Prerequisites
ISL 017 Major Al-Da'wah-wal Irshad 3-0
ISL 018 Foundation USOOLAL-FIQH 3-0
ISL 013 Major Textual Study of Muslim Family Laws 3-0
ISL 020 Major History of Islamic Culture and Civilization 3-0
ISL 021 Elective-II Study of Islamic Fiqh-I 3-0
ISL 015 Major Comparative Study of World Religions 3-0
Course Code Category Course Title Cr.Hrs. Prerequisites
ISL 023 Major Islamic Economics 3-0
ISL-28 Elective-VIII Study of Tasawwuf 3-0
ISL 025 Elective-V Philosophy and 'ilm al-Kalam 3-0
ISL 019 Elective-I Methodology of Research in Islamic Studies 3-0

Degree Completion Requirements

To become eligible for an MA Islamic Studies degree a student must satisfy the following requirements: · Must have studied and passed the prescribed courses at least 72 credit hours in four semesters. · Must have earned a CGPA of at least 2.00 out of scale 4.00.