MSc Sports Sciences & Physical Education

Program Structure

BS Sports Sciences and Physical Education programe is designed to provide students in depth understanding of modern era developments in the field of sports and physical activity besides developing critical as well practical sports and physical activity skills in the incumbents. The program is offers opportunities for students to follow multiple career paths after completing the degree program


2 Years (4 Semesters)

Eligibility Criteria

45% marks in BA/BSc or equivalent

Scheme of Studies

Course Code Category Course Title Cr.Hrs. Prerequisites
160SSPE-M9 Biophysics Sports Nutrition 3-0
260SSPE-M10 Biophysics Sports Management 3-0
230SSPE-F7 General Ecology Computer Application in Sports 2-0
230SSPE-F8 General Ecology Theory of Games 3-0
220SSPE-G3 Cell Form and Function Fitness and Wellness 3-0
230SSPE-F23 General Ecology Games (Practical – Football & Badminton) 0-1
230SSPE-F33 General Ecology Athletics (Practical – Sprint Races & Shotput) 0-1
230SSPE-F51 General Ecology Gymnastics (Practical – Rolling & Twisting) 0-1
Course Code Category Course Title Cr.Hrs. Prerequisites
260SSPE-M1 Biophysics Methods of Research in Sports 3-0
260SSPE-M2 Biophysics Methods of Scientific Coaching 3-0
230SSPE-F1 General Ecology Science of Track and Field 3-0
220SSPE-G1 Cell Form and Function Human Anatomy 3-0
260SSPE-M3 Biophysics Planning Sports Facilities 2-0
230SSPE-F2 General Ecology Games (Practical – Volleyball & Table Tennis) 0-1
230SSPE-F3 General Ecology Athletics (Practical - Long Jump, Triple Jump & Discus Throw) 0-1
230SSPE-F4 General Ecology Swimming (Practical) 0-1
Course Code Category Course Title Cr.Hrs. Prerequisites
160SSPE-M2 Biophysics Adapted Physical Education 3-0
130SSPE-F2 General Ecology Sports Biomechanics 3-0
160SSPE-M4 Biophysics Exercise Physiology 3-0
260SSPE-M4 Biophysics Role of Media in Sports 2-0
230SSPE-F31 General Ecology Athletics (Practical – High Jump & Javelin Throw) 0-1
230SSPE-F5 General Ecology Gymnastics (Practical - Hand standing, Dive Roll & Stretching Techniques) 0-1
160SSPE-M1 Biophysics Sports Psychology 3-0
230SSPE-F21 General Ecology Games (Practical – Basketball & Cricket) 0-1
Course Code Category Course Title Cr.Hrs. Prerequisites
220SSPE-G2 Cell Form and Function Trauma and Rehabilitation 2-0
260SSPE-M5 Biophysics Measurement and Evaluation in Sports 3-0
260SSPE-M6 Biophysics Leadership in Sports 3-0
260SSPE-M7 Biophysics Research Thesis 6-0
230SSPE-F22 General Ecology Games (Practical – Tennis & Hockey) 0-1
230SSPE-F32 General Ecology Athletics (Practical – Relay Races, Middle & Long-Distance Races) 0-1
230SSPE-F6 General Ecology Small Area Games (Practical) 0-1

Degree Completion Requirements

The program requires students to must complete and pass 68 credit hours course including 6 credit hours research work. The passing CGPA on scale of 4.0 is set at 2.0.