BS Computational Physics

Program Structure

Computational physics is basically the theoretical based approaches to the real life problems and their solutions. The common purpose of this program is to fill the increasing demand for physics graduates who are skilled in computational and numerical techniques which are used in the analysis of physical problems and in subjects ranging from control and implementation of numerical algorithms to solve problems in physics for which quantitative theory already exist. Objectives i. Computational Physics aims to develop a strong interaction among Physicists, Mathematicians and computer scientists. To understand the phenomenon in nature has greatly enhanced by rapid advances in computational physics. ii. Its’ the way to approach experimental results with theoretical approaches. iii. It trained the graduates are skilled in environmental modeling, material designing, elementary particle physics, medical imaging and energy management. This new discipline is evolving hand-in-hand with the modern increase in computing power and accessibility


4 Years

Eligibility Criteria

F.Sc. {(Pre-Engineering)/ICS or A-levels} with Mathematics and Physics in case of foreign qualification, equivalence certificate issued by Inter-Board Committee of Chairman (IBCC) is required

Scheme of Studies

Degree Completion Requirements

UO Graduation Degree Program Requirements as per HEC Policy.