MSc Biology

Program Structure

Biology is an interdisciplinary science combining major fields like, Zoology, Botany, Biochemistry, Bioinformatics, Genetics and Cell biology. A student of Biology study the interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary subjects of Zoology & Botany . The Department promotes an active academic program to assist master students in deciding the career and satisfy requirements for graduation. This program can be completed in four years. The Program structure is dynamic and enable the master students to utilize the various options for future career.


2 Years

Eligibility Criteria

Two years bachelor’s degree with Zoology/Botany as Major

Scheme of Studies

Course Code Category Course Title Cr.Hrs. Prerequisites
BIOL - 703 MSc Botany Plant Physiology 2-1
BIOL - 712 MSc Botany Principles of Biotechnology 2-1
STAT -700 MSc Botany Elements of Statistics and Biometry 3-0
BCH -701 MSc Botany Biochemistry 2-1
Course Code Category Course Title Cr.Hrs. Prerequisites
BIOL - 707 MSc Botany Biodiversity 3-1
BIOL - 710 MSc Botany Mycology and Plant Pathology 2-1
BCH -704 MSc Botany Molecular Biology 2-1
BIOS-17301 BS Botany Plant Systemic Anatomy and Development 3-1
BIOL - 723 MSc Botany Immunology 2-1
Course Code Category Course Title Cr.Hrs. Prerequisites
BIOL - 708 MSc Botany Economic Biology 3-1
BIOL - 728 MSc Botany Concepts of Genetics 2-1
BCH -712 MSc Botany Genetic Engineering 2-1
ZOOL -706 MSc Botany Developmental Biology 2-1
Course Code Category Course Title Cr.Hrs. Prerequisites
BIOL - 701 MSc Botany Cellular Biology 2-1
BIOL - 704 MSc Botany Environmental Biology 2-1
BIOL - 705 MSc Botany Evolutionary Biology 2-0
BIOL - 706 MSc Botany Biosystematics 3-1
BIOL - 709 MSc Botany Fundamentals of Microbiology and Immunology 2-1
BIOL - 711 BS Botany Research Planning and Report Writing 3-1
BIOL - 720 MSc Botany Seminar 1-0
BIOL - 702 MSc Botany Physiological System of Animals 2-1
ZOOL -705 MSc Botany Animal Behavior 2-0

Degree Completion Requirements

Must have studied and passed the prescribed courses, totaling at least 60 credit hours and having CGPA at least 2.0 on a scale of 4.0.