UO Best Researcher Award (2019-2020)!

The University of Okara (UO) today organized its first Best Researchers Award (2019-20), in which the faculty members from the various departments were awarded with positions; in terms of the impact factor publications they have produced. The Guest of Honor for this memorable occasion was the honorable Vice Chancellor of UO Prof. Dr. Muhammad Zakria Zakar, and the event was organized by the Director Quality Enhancement Cell (QEC) Dr. Muhammad Kamran Arshad. The names of the faculty members awarded with this prestigious award are as follow: 

Best University Research Award: Dr. Kamran Arshad (1st Position), Dr. Riaz Hussain (2nd Position) and Dr. Amjad Ali (3rd Position).

Best Faculty Award, Faculty of Life Science: Dr. Maria Manzoor (1st Position), Dr Shafiq-Ur-Rehman (2nd Position) and Dr. Adeeb Babar (3rd Position).

Faculty of Sciences: Dr. Hamood-Ur-Rehman (1st Position), Dr. Atif Ali Altaf (2nd Position) and Dr. Ghulam Mustafa (3rd Position).

Faculty of Management & Social Sciences: Dr. Rai Shehbaz (1st Position), Dr. Saqib Jamil (2nd Position) and Mr. Rai Imtiaz (3rd Position).

Faculty of Education: Dr. Khalid Slaeem (1st Position), Dr. Tahir Khan Farooqi (2nd Position) and Dr. Nasrin Akhtar (3rd Position).

Faculty of Computing: Dr. Riaz-Ul-Amin (1st Position), Dr. Ghulam Ali (2nd Position) and Ms. Sana Yasin (3rd Position).

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UO Best Researcher Award (2019-2020)!