Department of Educational Studies


Department of Educational Studies provides students with the opportunities to learn about a broad range of courses of the discipline of education in relevance to the national and international trends that may promote critical thinking among the students allowing them to produce innovative knowledge and gain skills of teaching, researching, and educating the people so that they can become a responsible, valuable and productive citizen. The students are encouraged to draw on interdisciplinary methods of critical analysis to bring a positive change in society. Our graduates can be engaged in academic positions and research professions in the universities and research institutes and they can seek leadership and teaching positions in schools and colleges as well. They can work in counselling and guidance programs, educational and community centres, literacy and educational projects, teacher education and in curriculum and professional development positions at national and international level. The department has learned and indigenously and internationally qualified faculty motivated to boost your energy to learn, engross your intellectual abilities and expand your understanding of knowledge, competence and educational process in the real-world situation. We appreciate our students to think independently about the emerging issues in the sphere of education in a broader context and provide viable solutions.


The vision of the Department of Educational Studies is to produce and develop competent, skilled, knowledgeable and socially responsible citizen who can contribute to the welfare of the individuals and society. We believe that one of the most potent tools of a peaceful and prosperous society and ‘quality life’ is education and it is the catalyst for positive change. We can change the world by changing the way we educate the people and channelizing their potential to learn. The individuals should be ethical, productive, respectful, caring and beneficial for humankind.


The mission of the Department of Educational Studies is to develop professionals in the field of teaching and learning, leadership and pedagogy, professional development and counselling, research and knowledge production, assessment and evaluation and to produce critical thinkers, scholars and policymakers who can serve as the agents of transformation for the benefits of the individuals and society. Our programs of studies aim to produce working professionals and we focus on student-centred and inquiry-based learning that can motivate students to think independently, productively and scholarly.

Incharge Message

Greetings, welcome and thank you for your interest in one of the programs of the Department of Educational Studies. We believe that providing education requires knowledge and skills in social, psychological and cultural perspectives. The process of education guides the learners in how social and cultural context shapes the learning experiences and opportunities and how one can give meanings to these experiences in a specific context. In the Department of Educational Studies, we promote socio-academic interaction among peers and faculty to prepare our students for the complex learning process of educating the people and producing critical thinkers. How we do this? We offer programs and courses of the study, which include productive learning experiences and fieldwork, result-oriented skills, engaging coursework and teaching internships in schools and informal settings. In addition to providing learning experiences in a formal educational setting, we provide students with an opportunity to learn through interacting with their peers and participating in meaningful learning experiences through research groups, workshops on research, creativity, academic writing, and lectures delivered by national and international scholars, practitioners, researchers and professors. We understand that our students have various interests, background knowledge, and learning experiences that we consider well while designing instructional strategies and learning material for them. We appreciate your interest in our program of studies and support you to expand it further to many possible avenues. We expect that you will learn from some of the outstanding faculty specialized in a range of disciplines of educational studies qualified from the top local and international universities.

Dr. Syed A. Waheed

Incharge Of Department

Core Values


  • Here are the objectives:
  • Learn to teach in a various socio-cultural context and formal and informal educational settings.
  • Integrate theory, research and practice for more engaged and informed development.
  • Understand the practices of equity and social justice in the education system.
  • Learn to motivate people for learning.
  • Create critical thinking and develop research skills.
  • Use technology and innovative pedagogical skills for enhancing teaching and learning.
  • Understand philosophical, psychological and sociological foundations of the education.
  • Understand philosophical, psychological and sociological foundations of the education, teaching and learning processes.


Syed A. Waheed, PhD (Austria), Head: Department of Educational Studies

Dr. Syed A. Waheed, Head of Department, Phone: 0335-7570450