Department of Zoology


Department of Zoology was established at University of Okara in 2014. The department is teemed with qualified faculty to developed strong curriculum. This allows us to offer a wide range of courses and seminars in various disciplines of zoology. As zoology is central to our understanding of the animal world, it seeks to discover the fundamental principles that underpin animal life focusing on their diversity, function and evolution and thus providing the scientific basis for our knowledge. We aim to produce well-rounded and competent young scientists who are committed to make positive contributions to the country and the society in the field of Zoological science with learning, courage and integrity


Our vision is fully aligned to the university-wide goal to reach excellence in teaching, research and community engagement. We strive to create an environment that enables teaching and research to attain high levels of excellence in which its members can utilize their full potential and to build a collegial environment for learning and to add value to our young students


Our mission in the Department of Zoology is to provide undergraduate and graduate students with excellent academic preparation and research experience with experts’ hands for the benefits of Zoology and community. The offering programs ties with other universities and industry

Incharge Message

Core Values

  • The faculty aims at producing manpower and productive research keeping in view the international knowledge base and trends, with a touch of local resources and problems.
  • We as a faculty desire to produce biological scientists infused with dedication and honesty to work for the area and the country


  • Our core objective is to achieve excellence through high-quality education and research relevant to local, regional and national needs through coordination with leading researchers and educators both in Pakistan and abroad to explore, understand and conserve animal diversity.
  • The students will be trained in zoological sciences to apply themselves meaningfully in any activity requiring zoological expertise.
  • The teaching aim is to provide a wide-spectrum comprehension of the anatomy, physiology, systematics, ecology, behavior and conservation of terrestrial and aquatic/marine animals.
  • The students of BS will be involved in research activities as early as in the third year and the students of MPhil and PhD will spend one year of course work and rest of their academic period for reach activities.


Dr. Muhammad Wajid