Department of English Linguistics


Department of English, University of Okara is one of the pioneer departments of the University of Okara. Keeping in view, the large number of students aspiring to register in English degree programs, the Department of English was bifurcated into Department of English Linguistics and Department of English Literature in the 7th meeting of Academic Council held in June 2020. Since its inception, Department of English Linguistics has been instilling young minds with a passion for learning, resourcefulness, and critical thinking. Currently, Department of English Linguistics hosts more than 500 students registered in two of the highly competitive programs i.e. BS in English (Language and Literature) and MPhil in English Linguistics. By providing an exceptional scholastic milieu, the Department of English Linguistics anticipates contributing constructively to the augmentation and nourishment of quality linguistic and literary studies.


Our vision is to educate students of linguistics and literature in a competitive atmosphere of research, novelty, and critical thinking. We will always struggle to nurture the knowledge and love of linguistics and literature in our students. In this regard, we will efficiently teach students both the productive and receptive skills of a language. We will encourage students to contemplate and reflect on what they have learned from their teachers. Furthermore, the department will continuously strive to teach a variety of linguistic, literary, pedagogical, problem-solving, analytical, and theoretical skills.


The mission of the Department of English Linguistics, at the University of Okara, is to withstand and stimulate intellectual inquiry, linguistic competence, and cultural literacy, chiefly by means of teaching and research in English linguistics, literature and other textual and language studies.

Incharge Message

Welcome to the Department of English Linguistics, the place where we take of your holistic development. We focus on subject knowledge and skill development in the globalized knowledge bank.

Dr.Furrakh Abbas

Incharge Of Department

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Mr. Waqar Mahmood Khan