Department of Statistics


The development in 21st century has resulted in a vast importance of Statistics. Statistics provides well-developed methods for optimization and efficient decision-making, which makes it the most widely-used subject with applications in almost all the areas. The graduates of Statistics have a wide range of national and international job opportunities. The job opportunities are available in teaching sector, bureau of statistics, banks, hospitals, planning & development departments, chambers of commerce & industry, research & development organizations and marketing research companies. Statistics is the only subject that own statistics division in federal government.


We are committed to the advancement of statistical techniques by developing new methods and exploring their real life applications in industry and society. Keeping in view the acute shortage of statisticians and realizing that the success of any country depends upon the availability of well-trained statisticians, different programs are proposed like eight semesters under graduate degree programs entitled BS Statistics is proposed which is after F.Sc./ O-Level (12-year of schooling with Statistics). Similarly, graduate degree program MS/MPhil is proposed which is after BS/M.Sc. (16-year of schooling with Statistics). The UO graduates after completion of these programs will be able to compete with graduates at other Universities because these programs are designed as, to include the normal BS courses and to cater the needs of statisticians, statistics teachers/ subject specialists/ lecturers/professors. In future M.Phil & PhD program will be offered soon to achieve highly need based, dynamic research targets on national and international levels.


Our mission is to train our students with the up-to-date statistical knowledge and to prepare them for the challenges of modern world.

Incharge Message

Dr. Maqsood Ahmad

Incharge Of Department

Core Values

  • Quality: Our efforts will be to produce the high quality statistics graduates.
  • Relevant: Our efforts will be directed to the best interest of the University of Okara and the wider statistical manipulators’ public.
  • Accessible: Out Statistical services including data analysis, learning of statistical software’s like SPSS, Minitab, R, AMOS, Statistica, Genstat etc. are available for all academics and researchers.


  • Our objective is to develop the faculty in all the particular areas of Statistics. Consolidating the current academic programs by continuing process of revision of curriculum according to the needs of industry and society. Ensuring quality education with a clearly defined track for further education and job opportunities. Developing industrial linkages for better training, education and job placement of our students. Providing students, the knowledge, skills and motivation for entrepreneurship.


Dr. Maqsood Ahmad