Department of Mathematics


The department of mathematics is one of the most emerging department among all departments at University of Okara. The department of mathematics is established since the beginning of Education University Lahore campus at Okara in 2006. The department get boost by the start of BS(Hons.) and MPhil program in 2012 and 2014, respectively. At present, about 850 students are getting quality education in different programs of the department. The graduates of the department not only experts of doing mathematics but are also very good presenters, and ethically strong citizens to serve the nation. The specialties of the department are the highly qualified teachers including Ph. D doctors, and merit base admissions. The research is being conducted and published extensively in international journals. The department also provides a great forum for curricular activities like departmental games, exhibition, presentation, seminars, quiz competition etc. The department also has blood donating society, alumni, and event management committee with the aim to help other people.


To produce the world class Mathematicians to help the society and offer an atmosphere where students can learn and become competent users of mathematics and its applications. Our students will be selected on intellectual merit, regardless of physical disabilities, race and gender. We aim to cultivate the research of the highest quality with a wide range of interests. Additionally, the department supports to become the students as mathematical thinkers, assisting them to become life long learners and to grow as productive citizens.


The mission of the department is to create and teach mathematics and to develop in all students the capacity to understand, discover, enjoy and use mathematics. Here, we encourage the students to ask questions and help them to find the solutions.

Incharge Message

I am delighted to welcome you to the department of Mathematics, University of Okara. Its vision to become one of the leading departments in the region. Department of Mathematics is committed to creating and disseminating high quality knowledge related to Pure, Applied and Computational Mathematics through research and teaching. Mathematical knowledge plays a vital role in the development of science and other related fields even in biological and medical sciences. Hence, Mathematics is a discipline supporting other disciplines by providing theoretical knowledge and techniques. I welcomed all the new students to this prestige institute and believed that they will make effort to learn the mathematics from our excellent faculty and other facilities of the University.

Core Values


  • To establish the base for lifelong education by creating essential concepts and equipping the students with necessary techniques needed to start careers in teaching, research and/or in any walk of live involving mathematics.
  • To prepare students to learn concrete ideas of Mathematics, to analyze problems and to develop problem-solving skills.
  • To encourage students to become effective independent learners.
  • To encourage students to work in groups to get quick, true results.
  • To encourage people to help other disciplines as engineering, physics, economics, finance etc. using mathematics.