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The need for special education becomes more crucial, significant and relevant for a society where all the citizens are required to contribute for the socio-economic development of the country. It should emphasize on designing such educational programs and curricula that can empower the individuals through overcoming the disadvantages related to the learning disabilities, and help children and young generation in getting quality education useful for them to become productive persons for the country. For providing opportunities to the persons who are interested to teach the children with special education needs, support the people with learning difficulties, emotional or behavioral problems and physical disability, the Department of Special Education at University of Okara offers both under-graduate and master degree programs with all the basic skills, relevant knowledge and effective pedagogical techniques necessary to prepare future and current professionals to support the needs of people with learning disabilities.



Incharge Message

It is our moral and professional responsibility to educate and train each and every individual of the country to become a self-reliant citizen who could be productive person for the society as well. The first Vice Chancellor of the University Prof. Dr. Muhammad Zakaria Zakar intends to empower youth of the country through providing access to higher education that can bring a positive change in the society. The Department of Special Education opens new doors of higher education for those individuals who want to support this idea through equipping themselves with innovative pedagogical skills to educate young generation with special education needs as well as to avail the employment opportunities in the institutes of special education all over the country. The department is pleased to welcome all the young students and in-service people who are interested to join scholarly and professional communities of experts, researchers, administrators, teachers and policy makers in the field. The students should visit Department of Special Education situated at Renala Campus of the University in SSC/Bank Building, Room No. 209 (Dr. Nadia Gilani) or Room No. 212 (Dr. Syed A. Waheed) for further queries and information. Please follow the office hours and public holidays. Alternatively, the students can send an email for information regarding the program of study and other relevant details. My E-Mail address is:

Dr. Nadia Gilani

Incharge Of Department

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Dr. Nadia Gilani (Incharge of the Department)

The students can send an email for information regarding the program of study. The E-Mail Address is: