Department of Teacher Education


Teacher education is documented as a dynamic constituent in economic growth. It has never gained such importance in national development than it has witnessed today. Teacher education needs to be viewed in the perspective of evolving changes and expectations to respond to a futuristic education system. Teacher preparation programs are facing pressure to address the needs of making country a knowledge-based economy. Due to radical change in education policy and practice, prospective teachers need to learn from the combination of both theory and practice Teacher Education Department is one of the oldest departments of the University. It has produced number of dedicated, skillful and visionary teachers who are serving across the country.


Teacher Education Department focuses a professional training that will produce a potential teacher who are loyal to the country, has academic and professional excellence, a strong sense of spiritual and personal well-being, social responsibility, and the skills to be a meditative teacher.


The Teacher Education Department intends to prepare reflective teachers with the potential for professional leadership who: demonstrate academic and professional excellence, possess sound personal talents, have a commitment to education and life-long learning, demonstrate world citizenship, and are committed to faith.

Incharge Message

Dr Khalid Saleem

Incharge Of Department

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