Department of Environmental Sciences


The 21st century promises for both an exciting time and a challenging world to live in. Many of the most complex challenges will be environmental forcing people to divert their attention towards this field. Meeting these challenges will require problem solving abilities based in natural, social and management sciences, and other disciplines. Environmental Science is the application of a combination of scientific disciplines to issues and questions regarding environmental and socio-economic problems. Environmental degradation, energy crisis, water scarcity, food security; mitigation and adaptation to climate change impacts are the major areas of concern in today’s world. The economy is moving towards “Green or low Carbon Economy” based on Carbon neutrality and valuation of ecosystem services.


Our vision is to provide significant contributions to the country’s sustainability through: Interdisciplinary and applied research in environmental sciences Quality education that our graduates are active in formulation and implementation of environmental policies Services to general public by solving complex environmental issues that challenge the sustainability.


Our mission is to: Be a central place for learning and research to find out the solutions to complex environmental challenges. Educate and train students to solve environmental issues using interdisciplinary approach of biology, chemistry, physics and social sciences. Collaborate with policy makers to identify and solve the current and emerging environmental issues. Produce visionary and pragmatic leaders based on academic excellence and the principles of environmental justice and sustainability.

Incharge Message

Core Values

  • Innovative and experiential approaches.
  • Interdisciplinary approach focusing on conservation, education and sustainability.
  • Leadership roles.
  • Diversity.


  • The aim of undergraduate and graduate degree programs in the discipline of Environmental Science is sustainable development and the objectives are to develop human resource equipped with knowledge to support decisions, skills needed to mitigate impacts of climate change or adapt necessary measures and attitude to contribute in development of sustainable life style in the society and to develop green economy.



Main Campus, University of Okara,2-Km Multan Road Renala Khurd Bypass, Okara-Pakistan