Department of Botany


Department of Botany is one of the leading educational section in the University of Okara possessing well-equipped laboratories, adequately furnished class rooms, well qualified and trained teaching faculty, to cater the needs of present days training of its students. Apart from teaching various courses, the department concentrates on laboratory and field based practical work thus developing a strong orientation towards research. The broad-based training makes the passing out graduates/masters of the department acceptable to every academia as well as public sector jobs and also can adjust to the working demands of a multitude of national and international organizations. Since the establishment of the University, Department of Botany had been engaged in teaching students at graduate level in order to produce academically sound and knowledgeable personals that would serve in various fields. The Department of Botany has offered various programmes i.e., BS-4 Years, M.Phil. and Ph.D. in order to cater the demands of the Era.


"To become a recognized leader in academia offering high quality undergraduate, graduate and post graduate programs in the Department of Botany."


To offer high quality education in the field of Botany and Allied Sciences, as well as to prepare students having sound knowledge and potential experience.

Incharge Message

Core Values

  • The program focuses on extending knowledge and research expertise of students through scientific inquiry.
  • Botanical research is significant not only in the field of plants but also is integrated with the other field of sciences thus establishing an integrated study for the students.
  • It is intended for individuals who have the intellectual capacity for advanced research and who wish to contribute for future development of Botany subject as a core discipline.


  • Enable students to be acquainted with the modern trends in plants and allied sciences.
  • Prepare students in developing theoretical as well as practical skills.
  • Encourage students to become effective and independent learners.
  • Develop research aptitude among students.
  • Develop professional approach in the proposed subjects.


Dr. Fahim Arshad

Office # 140, Main Academic Block-I